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  • 4 Mindful Steps to Overcoming Anxiety

    There are many different ways that cause us anxiety. Sometimes it can be the most littlest of things, such as getting stuck in traffic, preparing for a first date, or waiting for your job interview. We go through life everyday faced with many decisions and uncontrollable circumstances. Anxiety can be a normal emotion we go through from time to time. However, if you find yourself feeling anxious and worried that it becomes difficult to cope, then you might want to take a step back.

    Severe anxiety may manifest a mental disorder that reduces your capacity to cope up with these feelings. If this happens, it’s important to acknowledge them and stop anxiety before it stops you.

    Here are four mindful steps you can do to overcome anxiety:

    Step 1. Calm your anxiety in the moment. You can start by breathing deeply and resetting your mind to focus on another sensation. Find a quiet space to relax and be with yourself.

    Step 2. Write down your “what ifs” and what triggers your anxiety. Keep a record of what’s causing you stress then categorize your worries into things you can change and things you can’t. Focus on what you can control and work towards solving them. Don’t waste your energy worrying on things you have no control.

    Step 3. Learn to let go of perfection. So what if you’ll stumble with words during your presentation? Keep going anyway. What if your boss won’t get satisfied with the report? Submit it anyway. What if others won’t like your idea? Share it anyway. Turn your negative “What ifs” to positive “What if” outcomes to cancel out the fear.

    Step 4. Talk to yourself using calming, encouraging words. Self-affirmation is very powerful as your thoughts can trigger actions. Once you’re able to flip how you think about failure for example, you’ll see things in a better perspective and decrease your level of anxiety.

    Remember that you’re not alone in this battle. Turn to your friends and family for support or seek professional help if it becomes difficult to function. Conquering the cause of your anxiety takes time, but there are many ways to help us move forward in life.